Megan Fox covers Grazia Magazine April 2012

6 Apr

Megan Fox For Grazia April 2012


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Rough translation of the main part of the interview
You were elected the most beautiful woman of the year by a men’s magazine, it flatters you? Not really. You know, lists like this, there are full and, generally, it elects the girl who plays in the biggest blockbuster of the year. The image of rebellious and sexy actress who sticks to your skin, it irritates you? I find it surprising because I hardly ever go out. I glue a picture of bad girl when I do really anything for that. On the contrary: I like reading, hanging out at home. I have the impression of being very boring. You still have girlfriends? I never had many friends. At school, I was not popular. I have always struggled to open up to others, although once I gave my friendship is for life. It’s sad, but now I’m surrounded by people I work with everyday. Hollywood is not the best place to make friends, anyway, I have not succeeded. They say, moreover, that you flee the crowd, and you could not live in a big city … It started after the success of Tra nsfonners. I feel like a zoo animal. As soon as I entered the room, there was always plenty of people who expected something of me, touch me, talk to me, take a picture. I felt no longer have space. It was very scary. So, you never wanted to leave Hollywood? My husband Brian was born and raised here, his whole family is there. It’s a good reason to stay. You said in interview: “The secret power of women is a powerful and confident vagina. Men are afraid of vaginas “… I vividly remember saying that. It was a metaphor to say that men are generally not comfortable with intelligent women

which do not allow themselves to do. They prefer that one is malleable. I still do. You seem to maintain your body and beauty as a top athlete … I’m an excessive, I am so afraid of not doing enough that I often do too. It’s compulsive. Today, I workout three times a week, but I no longer diet. For years I followed the diet “Paleolithic”, not to control my weight but because I had an obsession with eating healthy hyper. He had to eat only raw. On paper, it looked perfect, but in fact it was a disaster. I was hungry, I had more energy. This is surely the worst thing I’ve inflicted on my body. Is Hollywood that puts you under pressure? No, I rather think it’s because I’m a hypochondriac. As soon as I feel that something is wrong with me, I begin to self-diagnose. I rush on health blogs to see what I can suffer and how to treat myself. I put, it’s ridiculous, but I can not help myself. Aging scare you? Physically? No, my parents have good genes and I hope I have inherited. However, sometimes I do panic attacks, because I’m terrified by how fast time flies. Yesterday, I was 20, I’m now 25, soon 26 … I already feel like I will not have time to put all my projects. It’s terrifying! You just turn in three comedies (Friends with Kids, The Dictator and Forty Tins is) that should be out soon in France: you think it will help you break the image of sex symbol? I loved playing in these comedies. It was so pleasant and comfortable as turning into blockbusters! But I’m not sure that’s enough. •


She talks about toning arms here on another page
We put on a gym + cream combo to overcome the problem. The top? The firming treatments, which weave a new skin, firmer and toned. In addition, we work the triceps, the muscles of the back of the arm enough solicited daily. Back in a chair, put his hands on the seat and down the pool in a vacuum, then back along the chair back straight. Three sets of eight, that’s fine, provided you stick to it daily. Not bad too, brisk walking with weights (I kg, that’s enough) wrists.




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