Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Sued for Assault Plus more

5 Apr

Lets take a more in-depth look at the claims being made, the evidence and the actual court documents

The story began when TMZ reported that Delbert Shaw a paparazzi photographer was going to file a case against Brian and Megan see here

In this story he claims that he was “brutally beaten by the actor as his wife, Megan Fox, egged him on”  he claims Megan provoked Brian into attacking him, he also claims Brian threw his Iphone into the ocean

Sample pics of the alleged assault, see the TMZ link above for more

Thanks to Eonline we found out that the case was actually filed(they put the documents on their site).
I had a quick read of the documents Basically it repeats all the claims from the TMZ story plus

Claims that Brian did punch him and tackle him to the ground

claims Brian attacked 2 other papz a few months earlier,
claims he suffered “severe injuries” to his body including head, face, limbs as well as anxiety and distress.
claims he needed and still needs medical treatment,
Claims the attack resulted in “some permanent disability”

claims lost earnings past and future due to injury.
Claims that the Iphone was used as storage and had pics/video of commercial value
Claims Megan encouraged and didn’t try to stop Brian.
Also claims that Megan and Brian used their status to convince security to illegally detain the pap
Says the incident was filmed/photographed
The pap wants compensation for everything says proof will be provided in trial


here are the court documents via Eonline

The only proof we have so far are the pic’s which don’t show Brian beating Mr Shaw, the word of Mr Shaw. According to Mr Shaw more evidence will be given at the trial. The events happened in Dec 2010 not 2011 as the article seems to suggest

One thing I want to add is that Brian has a reputation of not getting along with the papz but he has never done anything more than shoving and grabbing/slapping the camera which may or may not be ok in your opinion but he has never beaten a paparazzi


Other News

Brian and Kassius were spotted April 4th click here to see a video

Friends with Kids will be playing in about 190 theatres this weekend. click here to see the full theatre listing




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