Is Megan Fox Pregnant?

1 Apr

Click here to see where it all started and see the pic below for the actual magazine article (click it for a bigger version)

Image via Star magazine


I want to state outright that I would love for the news to be true, Megan is a great stepmum and would be a great mother. I wish her and Brian nothing but the best


Point 1

The source of the claims is Star Magazine, Star claims an unnamed insider gave them the information. It doesn’t matter what site or news station etc you heard it on all the stories are based on Star Magazine. Star Magazine is not a respected source of information and has actually done similar stories about other celebs like Jennifer Aniston and they were completely wrong

Point 2

Note how it says the pregnancy was unexpected, during the recent Friends with Kids promotion(early March) Megan hinted several times that she isn’t using any Birth control and made it sound like they are trying to get pregnant. The best example of this was probably during a radio interview she did on ‘The morning mash up’ check it out here it’s a very short mp3. Why would it be unexpected if this is the case?
(I think this is what lead to the story)
Megan might of been saying that for publicity(Last year she said she wanted more money before having kids) because Brian at the same time was saying things like Megan will get pregnant when she is ready click here for the interview kinda contradicting Megan


Point 3

People have been saying/asking
Why didn’t Megan deny the story already? She commented about the Jalouse interview on her facebook why not mention this story? Megan’s rep denied a previous small rumour about pregnancy very quickly?

I guess this does add a SMALL amount of weight to the argument that Megan is pregnant but there are a lot of reasons why this doesn’t come anywhere close to confirming it.

The previous rumour Megan’s rep denied was based on a bad pic in which she appeared very pregnant that rumour would of died instantly if people had looked at previous pics or the next time Megan was photographed by the papz click here to see the pics
According to X17 they contacted Megan’s rep and she denied the story within a few hours. The story was not denied on Facebook, the story was much much smaller than the current one, Star does not say they attempted to contact Megan or her rep and importantly at that time there wasn’t a parallel bad story about Megan running (see my previous post about Jalouse) that needed attention.

Another point worth noting is that sometimes Megan will post on facebook fairly quickly like she did with the announcement of her cameo in the Dictator but other times she won’t mention them like the confirmation that she will be doing a new movie called ‘Swindle’

Why not deny this rumour quickly? Maybe they want the publicity? Maybe they want to make sure the comment about the Jalouse interview gets attention rather than it being ignored in favour of the pregnancy denial? Maybe they plan to sell their denial story? and lets not forget April fools day is coming up


Point 4

The article above says Megan and Brian are considering moving to larger digs to raise the child? Megan’s house is massive see here


This issue is somewhat touchy but I want to mention it, there are some cosmetic procedures that are not recommended during pregnancy or even before pregnancy. I’m not an expert on the matter but if you Google it you will at least see that it is an area of uncertainty. People have commented on recent pics saying it looks like Megan had her lips done again and it still looks like her cheeks are plumped from previous procedures.
For the record there are procedures that are considered safe.



My conclusion is that it is extremely unlikely that she is pregnant




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