A young Megan Fox with the cast of Ocean Ave.

24 Jul


Check out the pic above its from 2002-03, its almost impossible to find Megan’s episodes from this series

thanks to https://instagram.com/monarki_stockholm/ for posting the pic

More info about Ocean Ave here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0323463/


Megan Fox spotted pumping gas

19 Jul


Check out the pics of Megan pumping gas over the weekend in LA


Happy 42nd Birthday Brian Green!

15 Jul


Happy Birthday Brian, may all you Birthday wishes come true!


Megan Fox out and about in LA July 13th

14 Jul

Exclusive... Megan Fox Lunches In Sherman Oaks

check out the pics of Megan and her sister leaving Sweet butter Kitchen in California July 13th


Megan Fox back in LA July 12th

13 Jul


Megan was spotted back in LA over the weekend, check out the pics below


Megan Fox runs through traffic on the TMNT 2 set July 10th

11 Jul


Check out the pics of Megan on the TMNT 2 set July 10th, she is running through traffic again


April’s in trouble on the TMNT 2 set July 9th

10 Jul

Megan Fox on the

Check out the pics from the night of July 9th, looks like April’s in a tight spot. More pics on my Tumblr



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