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Pics: Megan Fox is in Mexico

29 Jul

Megan is in Mexico to promote the TMNTMovie, she arrived yesterday and will be staying until Wednesday, you can see a pic of that below. Above is a pic of her doing an interview. Also below is an interview that was just released. It was translated via Google Translate


Asked if her beauty hindered her Career
I would not say that hinders rather think that what I do as an actress means I’m always open to criticism not one to say that the opinion of the people is wrong, it is not something objective,. You have the right to judge my performance as you want. so I’m not sad if someone thinks I did wrong, or if you think I did wrong.

It can not be that everyone thinks the same, it would be very strange to know that everyone thought that what I did was amazing. There are only Daniel Day Lewis is one of the only ones.‘s That there are few people who receive unanimous approval when making a action, so that’s not something that hurt me. “

“This is the kind of movie I like to see. Always just down action movies. And I think Planet of the Apesis amazing and get very excited when I go to the cinema to see Batman or Spiderman when they leave.’s Why joy therefore be part of them, because I’m a fan. “



More Megan Fox Comic Con Portraits and Interviews

27 Jul

Megan Fox 05Firstly Paramount Mexico has again removed their Facebook post about the TMNT premiere in Mexico. Not sure why but the event is still happening, Megan will be there. See my post here


Paramount Mexico just tweeted

This Tuesday not miss detail visit @ MeganFox to Mexico City with the hashtag # GreenCarpet
and they posted it on Facebook again

In other news we have a few more interviews from comic con below and further below more HQ portraits

ScreenCrush Interview

Megan talks about the look of the Turtles + more

More from Comic Con

at 50s and 1.20

Megan Fox and the return of “Ninja Turtles”

Text interview done in Spanish see the translation here original here





Megan Fox will walk the Green Carpet in Mexico July 29th

27 Jul


Megan will be in Mexico July 29th for the TMNT Green carpet

Follow all the details of Megan Fox‘s visit to Mexico City next Tuesday 29th at 19 hrs. for the premiere of Ninja Turtles with the hashtag # GreenCarpet



Paramount Mexico removed the post again

I Dunno why but they removed their corrected post from the Official Mexican page

The event is still happening, Megan will be there. They were giving tickets away





Megan Fox covers Sky View magazine Mexico

26 Jul


Check out the pics available so far, I will update when more are released.



More Megan Fox pics and Interviews from Comic Con

26 Jul

I’ve added a few more interviews from Comic Con below, further below are more pics from the day. If you are interested in Pics from the day see my post here for interviews see here, here and here

Ap Entertainment Interview

Megan talks about seeing herself in the clips shown and she talks about Noah’s reaction to the April Doll

Cine Premiere Interview

Will mentions going to Mexico at the end

Jo Blo Interview

starts at 3min





Megan Fox added to Teen Choice Awards lineup + more from Comic Con

26 Jul

It was announced earlier today that Megan will be at the Teen Choice Awards on August 10th


Thanks to IloveMe for the heads up

More interviews from Comic Con

TV NZ Interview

She talks about Bay a bit



On YouTube

Comic Con Panel

Has more Megan



Megan Fox talks pregnancy, family and TMNT at Comic Con

25 Jul



Above you can see a pic from a shoot with EW that Megan and Will did, below are a series of Interviews make sure to check them all out. If you are interested in Pics from the day see my post here for interviews see here and here

Interview with EW

“Why the fifth turtle left”

Megan talks to ET Canada

Megan gets a gift on the red carpet and talks TMNT

Interview with ScreenSlam

More about TMNT and April

Interview with Fandango

Megan would of done anything to be in TMNT

HD red carpet plus short interview at 1.25

Interview with Collider

Megan and Will chat with Collider. Megan talks about her character and more


Video of the Comic Con panel

You can see Megan talking about being a TMNT fan as a kid + more

Interview with E

Megan reveals losing weight after her second pregnancy was harder than the first, she also says she gave up Bread and is on a high protein low carb diet


AP Entertainment Interview

Megan talks about seeing herself in the clips shown and she talks about Noah’s reaction to the April Doll


Video: Megan talks to a fan on Skype

and more with the Insider


The Insider’s Bit on Megan

another video from the Insider


Article from People magazine

Megan thinks she can find Bigfoot  Full Article, it takes quotes from other interviews

Megan Fox talks TMNT and origins of son’s name

25 Jul

Access Hollywood just released their interview with Megan from Comic Con. In it Megan says Bodhi is partly named after a Point Break character, she also talks about her fears as her sons grow up and she talks about TMNT. It also turns out Megan Did a photoshoot with EW while at comic Con check out a backstage pic above


*Update* More from Comic Con

Some Q&A with Megan and Will

Regarding memories they may have had of the turtles and their various incarnations…

Megan Fox: The live-action movies. I watched the cartoon a little bit also, but definitely the live-action movies.  The second one in particular was definitely my favorite.  It kind of has that feeling, I don’t know if you’ve watched Lost Boys, it’s like that capsule period of time is just, sort of, there’s something so magical about that moment of movies

Will Arnett regarding Vernon’s relationship with April

In the comic Vernon had an adversarial relationship with April. There has been through all the various incarnations – from the comic, to the TV series, to the movies – there have been creative and artistic licenses taken in order to tell whatever particular story and I think that as this movie really evolved and before we started shooting… It became apparent that there needed to be an evolution and the character that they needed to partner up and support April, they needed a character more like Vernon and they had to change the rules a bit with him.  What is true with him is that he is a camera man, that part of it stays very true, but now he kind of works with April and some of his crankiness has been transferred into that he’s looking more for an easy ride and wants to punch the clock and doesn’t want to be involved… And then he gets sucked in.  Ultimately they are good friends and he does support her and goes along for the ride. The rest is history.

Megan on April’s connection with the turtles

I don’t know what I’m allowed to reveal and not reveal… Her dad was a scientist whose experiments were being funded by… a shadowy figure… and there’s a lab fire.  Her father dies in the lab fire.  She loses him and it’s not until she starts hearing their names when she meets them on the roof that things start firing off in her brain and she goes and she digs through all of her father’s old lab notes and his books and all of this stuff and she discovers that these quite possibly are the little turtles that she used to look at in his lab before it burned down.






Tons of Pics and Portraits of Megan Fox at Comic Con

25 Jul


Megan was just at San Diego Comic Con and as you might imagine there is a lot of content and lots more to come. So I have decided to break it up into smaller posts. In this post I will post tons of Pics and Portraits from the day. If you want to see videos and interviews see my previous post here

Megan on stage


Posing for Photographers

At the X Box Lounge

At the Pizza Hut zone

Doing Interviews

thanks to getty for the pics


Megan Fox at Comic Con Videos, Interviews and Recaps

25 Jul



Megan was just at San Diego Comic Con and as you might imagine there is a lot of content and lots more to come. So I have decided to break it up into smaller posts. In this post I will post videos, Interviews and recaps from the day. If you want to see more pics check my post here or keep an eye on my Tumblr

First video interview from Comic Con. She talks about TMNT and her character April

Megan Fox talks being a loner

she also reveals

On the topic of Ninja Turtles, Fox revealed that April, her character, is “closely tied in a familial way” with the turtles in the live-action movie, and has a “special relationship” with turtle Michelangelo.  (“Mikey” was always her favorite, she says.)

see the video in the link below


Interview with Megan and Will


Part of an Interview


Videos of Megan at the TMNT Panel


Another Video


Screencrush’s thoughts on the TMNT Comic Con panel

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