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Megan Fox will be on Conan Aug 7th + TMNT Featurette

31 Jul

It was just announced today that Megan will be on Conan Aug 7th source

She will also be on Fallon on the 6th

No air date yet for her Chelsea lately episode

Plus there is an unconfirmed story that She will be on the Today show Tues

TMNT “Turtle Power” Featurette

Check release dates for your country here





Pics: Megan Fox holding a TMNT Toy + Sky View Magazine pics

31 Jul


I’ve added a few better quality pics from Megan’s Sky View Mexico shoot, as well as a new fanpic from last year and a new pic of Megan holding a Mikey toy



More Megan Fox in Mexico, video and text Interviews + Pics

31 Jul


Megan has headed back to LA but we are still getting more content from Mexico. Below are a series of Video’s, text interviews and pics from Mexico. All translations via Google translate

Megan talks about being a fan of JLaw + more

Interview with ActitudFEM

Video: Megan chats with Los40


more Megan Quotes

Small quotes from a series of Interviews here

Megan talks family and acting

see the interview here

Megan talks Fame, beauty, family

see the interview here

Interview on Mexican radio

A Mexican radio station just played their short interview with Megan. In it Megan spoke a bit about what its like to be so famous at a young age, she said having the worlds eyes on you, having people express their ideas of who you are before you know who you are is tough and thats why so many turn to escapism

She also said she doesn’t like fame and has never been really ambitious

Megan wanted to see the Pyramids but couldn’t

see the interview here



New Ninja Turtles TV Spot with lots of New Footage

31 Jul


Check it out below, check the release dates for your country here http://www.teenagemutantninjaturtlesmovie.com/_apps/releasedates/release-dates.html further below is an extended version of the ‘Check the bass brah’ scene




Pics Megan Fox talks to los40 in Mexico + more

30 Jul


Megan did a live chat with Los40 in Mexico a few hours ago. The video of this chat is not yet online but we do have a a few pics. Be sure to check back for the video. Further below I have added a short video interview from the Green Carpet


Megan thinks being called sexy is a compliment + Megan is overwhelmed by the energy of the crowd video here




Video: Megan Fox “I’m meant to be doing both”(motherhood and work)

30 Jul

An interesting interview was just released from Mexico via EL Universal TV. In this interview Megan talks about her personal need to do things for herself(work) along side motherhood and that it’s not just for the kids as she hinted in he past

Check out the interview here


Another short Interview

“The way(motherhood) changed my way of choosing projects is looking at more  superhero type movies, because I know that my children can see them and they will like them. I think that if I do period films or even westerns they won’t like them as much. But if your mom is April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character) I think it will be great for them, “Fox said in an interview.

“I know some people do not value me as an artist but do not respond emotionally to that. What does bother me is that people think I’m stupid when I’m not. “

Megan does not show too much skin in the film produced by Michael Bay, but accepted that had no problems, nor will now have the mother of two children, in a sensual scenes.

I do not think bowling makes you less sexy scenes, actors and we have to deal with that. There are many guys who do, Chris Hemsworth “Thor” T-shirt in movies is removed because the public wants to see, “said the actress





Live Chat with Megan Fox At 11am Mexico City time

30 Jul


A Mexican Site is hosting a live Chat with Megan in a few hours check out the stream http://www.los40.com.mx/dmz/videochat-40/megan-fox/




lots of Pics of Megan Fox in Mexico

30 Jul

1008547Earlier Megan attended the Premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Mexico City Mexico, those that have been following my Tumblr/Twitter will know there is a lot of content from the day. I’ve decided to split it up into 3 posts. This post contains Pictures of Megan on the green carpet as well as some other pics. Below are a selection of videos for more see my Tumblr. See video’s here, text interviews here



Some stills from an interview, see it here



Video: Megan Fox in Mexico

30 Jul

Earlier Megan attended the Premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Mexico City Mexico, those that have been following my Tumblr/Twitter will know there is a lot of content from the day. I’ve decided to split it up into 3 posts. This post contains video’s of Megan on the green carpet as well as some video Interviews. Below are a selection of videos for more see my Tumblr. lots of Pics here, Megan’s text interviews here

Videos are in order of Importance

Interview with Sopitas

Megan Interviewed on the Green Carpet(videos are similar)

Megan talks to the Press


Megan dances to the Cheers of the Crowd

On the Green Carpet (some repeated content)




Megan Fox’s text interviews from Mexico

30 Jul

1008545Earlier Megan attended the Premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Mexico City Mexico, those that have been following my Tumblr/Twitter will know there is a lot of content from the day. I’ve decided to split it up into 3 posts. This post contains written interviews translations via Google Translate

Megan Fox loves Mexico

Hola, Mexico! I love,” cried the actress in Spanish on arrival at 19:57 hours.
“It’s my first time in this beautiful country and I love, but do not know him very well. I’m ready for someone to teach me. Who’s up?” He concluded in English.

I’m Excited because you will be the first audience in the world to see the movie you’ll love: it has action, special effects, comedy and the most famous turtles,” said the actress.

Megan talks about who she admires in Hollywood + More
MEXICO CITY, July 30 -. A heroine on screen and in real life. That is the great desire of Megan Fox, who exlcusiva interview with Excelsior confessed he wants to be the best mom for their children.

“I like action movies and I will always be open to this type of genre, though I must confess that I would be the heroine of the movie, because I want my kids think I’m fabulous,” said the singer, who also has his role-model in real life: Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence.

“It’s hard to say who would answer that I admire someone who is doing something special like Jennifer Lawrence, who could make an action movie in a franchise (Hunger Games), but these films tabi independent films that allowed him to win Oscar (the games of fate), that’s something I really like it.

Megan visited our country to promote Ninja Turtles reboot, in which he plays the only female character in the whole story: TV reporter April O’Neil. And what kind of reporter Megan would own if it had dedicated to journalism?

Certainly would not be a celebrity journalist,” says with a laugh, then ensure that subject would be more akin.

“Probably be a fashion blogger. I usually do not like to dress up much, I’m almost always very casual, but I like that.

Also the wife of actor Brian Austin Green, who plays April in the film directed by Jonathan Liebesman,
says that the spirit of this character is more “detective” for looking more stories that relate to the crime of the city of New York, and is precisely why
unleashes the fury of the worst enemies of turtles: Eric Sachs (William Fichtner) and, of course, the evil Shredder.

Megan recalled that it was five or six years old when he first heard talk about Ninja Turtles, thanks to his brother and, anecdotally recalled that at that time what caught his attention was the American rapper Vanilla Ice, who appeared in the eighties movie of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I remember saying, Vanilla Ice is the funniest man alive. I liked the essence of the Turtles, they were funny, weird and had this strange question.

Before leaving, he said that this kind of Hollywood blockbusters, you said you love to participate, they have both negative and positive aspects, with which it has to face every time you decide to accept one of these roles.

The complicated thing is that waiting in the set is great. You have to stay long hours at the site, it wears even the strongest. Nor sleeps for long shooting days, but it is normal and also happens to the whole team.

On the other hand, through this work I have seen things that people normally can not access. Especially with Transformers, we shot in Pirámedes of Guise went to temples and we shot in Petra. Wonderful places I could see just because this movie actress.It’s the best!

First time in Mexico

Megan Fox had never visited the country before, so the list of recommendations that brings is considerably long.

“It’s my first time in Mexico. I’ve never been, everyone tells me to go to the Pyramids (Teotihuacán), because I really like the archaeological question and want to see if I succeed.

“I also want to try Mexican food, which I love. Definitely I have to go out and try it because I imagine there will be no better place than here to do.


Megan talks stereotypes

 Megan Fox has always been characterized by three things: its beauty, highlighting in action movies and always speak his mind, which on more than one occasion has gotten into trouble. Now plays the young reporter April O’Neil, whom no one takes seriously and who do not believe him when reporting the biggest story of the year in his television. We discovered that talking with her feeling of the character is not far to the actress.

There is so much variety in the types of reporters, and what is trying to be April is almost an investigating crimes. He wants the police source and to achieve in any industry make something when you’re young, little girl is difficult, you have to be very persistent and courageous, and have some sort of mentality will not allow surrender. “

And I definitely have not given up. Although each of the preconceptions about her intelligence, Megan still standing, speaking frankly as ever and generating empathy is not always possible for a woman listed as one of the most beautiful in the world.

Constantly, as an actress, what happens is that people never really know you and there is still this ridiculous stereotype that hits us the actresses who makes people think we’re stupid, and you’re constantly trying to overcome that. Prove to people you’re not that. Prove to people you’re a smart person. You’re this or the other, so I identify a lot with the battles you have to face April. Constantly having to prove something. “

Given the direct question about whether beauty was somehow an obstacle, or rather an aid to his career, said:

I would not say that hinders rather think that what I do as an actress means I’m always open to criticism. Not for me to say that the opinion of the people is wrong, it is not something objective, you have the right to judge my performance as you want. So I’m not sorry if anyone thinks I did wrong or if you think I did wrong. It can not be that everyone thinks the same, it would be very strange to know that everyone thought that what I did was amazing. Only there Daniel Day Lewis is one of the only, is that there are few people who receive unanimous approval when making a performance. So that’s not something that hurt me.

So without pretensions or poses, Megan said very proud to be part of this film, which had not always happened in the past with his other productions (Transformers), however, and to make it even more attractive to men when asked what is the type who likes to watch movies in his spare time, he replied:

“This is the kind of movie I like to see. I always end up falling action movies. And I think the planet apes models is incredible and I get very excited when I go to the cinema to see Batman or Spiderman when they leave. So much joy to be part of them, because I’m a fan. “


Megan talks motherhood and Career

A marriage, two sons and three years away from the big screen have been no impediment to Megan Fox stops being a free spirit and sexy.

The last five years have been a revolution in the lives of Megan, because after being out of the third installment of Transformers and have some box office failures, he decided away from Hollywood, take a break and then return.

During his visit to Mexico, Megan talked  EL UNIVERSAL about his return to cinema and scored as a great success this decision, for although he was happy living a life of a housewife, was not enough to feel full and on.

you here is where we are now in society (women), a time in which we all, because we need to have professional women, but we also want to be mothers, and do not want to leave neither, want to do everything; women are much more able to have more on his shoulders than men, “and clarifies that all without losing her sexy side.

The actress says 28-year love movies and refers to being on set is what keeps it alive, but if I had to choose between his role as an actress and the mother does not know what escogeríay if at some point you may leave the cinema devote himself to his family.

Yup podríay no, because I always consider how wonderful it would be to stay home and be a mom, but I’m also an independent spirit, I need to be doing things for me and things that make me feel strong and I know I can do both, “he said.

That strong and warrior soul is what made ​​her return to the big screen with a blockbuster Ninja Turtles  with over 170 million budget.

Moreover, it was not a common return, because he did hand Michael Bay, who produced <em> Ninja Turtles </ em> and who for years said it ended < fought in the movie Transformers , a situation that the actress refused.

“One of the things that struck me care of making the film was that it was Michael (Bay), I always thought that he is very interesting and would do something really good with this, I felt fortunate to work with him again. “

In the film, which is a live action version of the cartoon of the 80s, Fox gives life to an intrepid reporter named April O’Neil, said character is very similar to her, because she is a woman who does everything and nobody depends.

“It’s an unintentional, accidental heroin, is a modern woman who pursues his professional dreams, and if that requires him to fight, because it will,” deepened.

Megan does not know if his new feature will sequelae, but predicted that is only the beginning of a new stage in his career, which seek establish itself as an actress who can do all kind of roles, while combining his time as a young wife and mother.”



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