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ZeroVille wraps Filming + New Set pics

19 Nov


James Franco today confirmed that Zeroville has officially wrapped filming, see here

To mark the occasion I’ve added a few new pics of Megan from the set check them out below



Megan Fox on the Zeroville set Nov 15th

16 Nov

check out the latest pics of Megan on the Zeroville set Nov 15th in LA



Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green out for lunch Nov 14th

15 Nov


check out the pics of Megan and Brian out for lunch in LA Friday Nov 14th



Megan Fox filming late night scene for Zeroville + more

13 Nov


Check out the latest pics from the set of Zeroville

Megan Fox on the Zeroville set Nov 12th

13 Nov

Check out the latest pics of Megan on the ZeroVille set Nov 12th, including one pic posted by Franco on his Instagram



Megan Fox on the Zeroville set Nov 10 th + more

11 Nov

Megan Fox Stays Shaded On The Set Of 'Zeroville'

Check out the just released pics of Megan on the Zeroville zet Nov 10 th, Further below I added a fanpic with Megan from the Set, a pic with another actress and a very cute pic Megan posted on her instagram earlier of Noah.


pics via flameflynet

From Megan’s Instagram http://instagram.com/the_native_tiger

Megan added the caption



Megan Fox and BAG will attend the Night of Generosity Charity event

8 Nov

Megan and Brian are expected to attend the 6th annual Night of Generosity more info from Brian’s Instagram

My wife and I are so honored to partner with @generosity and help provide clean water to people around the world. We’d love to invite you all to join us at the Night of Generosity gala on December 5th. Together, we can provide 75,000 people access to clean water in one night! For tickets and more information, check out NightOfGenerosity.org

Our goal is to build 150 wells this year!! We can do it, you can help :)

Buy tickets here https://give.generosity.org/beverly-hills/events/night-generosity-2014/e38090

the site mentions they are honoring Megan and Brian






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