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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now out in Brazil, Argentina, Slovenia, Ukraine and more

16 Aug

Looking for something to do this weekend? why not check out the Ninja turtles, it has nostalgia, action, comedy and is rated pg13 so its family friendly. List of release dates here(it just came out in a few countries) and check out the trailer below





The Ninja Turtles(and April) are #1

9 Aug

Congratulations to all involved with the Movie!!

The news has gotten better and better as the hours passed, TMNT is now expected to take ~$65million in the US this weekend putting it very comfortably in number 1. The movie is a huge hit with younger audiences they gave it a cinemascore of A, ‘older’ people like me are loving the nostalgia factor as well as the action/comedy.

check out the trailer and go see it this weekend. International release dates here.






Ninja Turtles opens bigger than Maleficent and The Wolverine

8 Aug

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is officially out in the US and a few other countries, check release dates for your country here. The US numbers are in and TMNT opened Strong taking $4.6million on Thursday. Below I’ve added a new trailer and a look at how the CGI was done

the most likely comparison is last year’s The Wolverine, which earned $4 million on its Thursday debut in late July and ended up with $53m for the weekend. Also of note, Maleficent earned $4m on its opening Thursday in late May of this year and went on to open with $69m.Now does that mean I think that Jonathan Liebesman’s TMNT reboot is going to earn $55m-70m this weekend?  Doubtful, although I won’t necessarily rule it out


Sites are saying it hard to predict where it will go from here. Lets hope it continues to do well



Ninja Turtles is out now! + More Megan Interviews and Pics

8 Aug


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is officially out in the US and a few other countries, check release dates for your country here

below I’ve added a bunch of interviews there are some pics at the bottom

 see part of the Conan Interview in Good quality


Full Conan interview in Low Quality here

Megan’s ABC interview


Megan talks about not being in Transformers 3

plus women in Hollywood and more

“I mean, nothing really happened,” she purrs. “We just got to a point where we weren’t going to make that movie together. And we moved on, and it was fine. We’ve always had a good relationship but we also are two strong-willed individuals who have opinions.”


Interview with a Mexican Comedian

Megan introduces this video

the rest is an old trailer

Rotten Tomatoes Interview


2 interviews from Cambio

Stuffed up posting one of these earlier








Video: ExtraTV interviews Megan Fox for TMNT

12 Jun

The second interview from yesterdays press junket was just released check it out




Megan Fox on the TMNT set July 18th + BTS pics from TMNT

19 Jul

Check out the new pics of Megan on the TMNT set in New York July 18th. I posted these earlier on Twitter and Tumblr

Source: pacificoastnews.com and Zimbio



Check out the pics, you can see the Shredder and the Turtles Lair




New Fanpic

Update check out this new fanpic




Megan Fox New Pics and News + Brian and TMNT news

29 Jun

I posted these earlier on Twitter/Tumblr make sure to follow me or at least bookmark one of the the pages if you want these smaller stories more quickly (I’ve just added a twitter timeline to the sidebar of this site)

Check out some new fanpics of Megan. The left most pic I believe was taken earlier this year in March,  The middle pic is from the 2007 MTV VMA’s and the right pic is a recent pic taken in New York.


Brahma Beer Promo Pic

Here is a tag free version of the pic I posted earlier this year, click for full size



Brian Austin Green becomes a regular on Anger management

It was just announced that BAG will be a regular on the show starring Charlie Sheen. Brian has already appeared as a guest in a few episodes. There are 60 episodes in the current series left to film.

Congrats Brian




Win a trip to the Teen Choice Awards 2013

This giveaway has nothing to do with me or this site it was posted on the Teen Choice awards facebook. Megan might be there. Check out the details here




A little while back I said some reporters paid a visit to the TMNT set, they had some positive things to say plus this pic of the Turtles Lair was released





100+ pics of Megan Fox on the TMNT set May 20th

20 May


Added 100+ pics of Megan Fox on the TMNT in New York May 20th check them out below also linked another video

*update* added pics of Megan filming another scene in a Car scroll all the way down.

thanks Zimbio and Splashnews


2 vids and 60+ Pics of Megan Fox on the TMNT set May 9th

10 May

Check out the 2 vids and the 60+ pics of Megan on the TMNT set May 9th





Bay reveals how/why Megan Fox apologised

26 Apr




From Bay’s recent Maxim interview

Speaking of that unattainable girl, you’re reuniting with Megan Fox on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Was this a long time coming?
It just kind of happened. She wrote me an e-mail a while back. She goes, “I just had a baby, and I’ve been thinking about my life. I owe you such an apology.” But I don’t hold a grudge. She was young when she said it [compared Bay to Hitler]. The press made it bigger than what it really was, and she’ll be good in the movie.


I like that he acknowledges the press made it bigger than it was and respect to Megan for realising she went too far. It will be interesting to hear from her.


Full interview





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