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Megan Fox tells the haters to ‘Go Away’

1 Aug

Those who follow my Twitter/tumblr would know that there is a TMNT press event today well the first interview was just released and Megan didn’t hold back when talking about the haters

*Contains censored swears*

”I have been told to censor myself, so I tried but I’m really not succeeding at it.”

Talking about the movies haters

“Those people can complain, but they all go see [Producer Michael Bay's] movies. They’re gonna love it and if they don’t love it they can go f**k off.”

Talking about her haters
“I don’t feel ashamed or like I can’t be taken seriously while I’m wearing a tank top and if you don’t take me seriously while I’m wearing a tank top, that’s your f**king problem – not mine.”


Update an extended version of the interview was just put online

More from Today’s press conference

Talking about

“I don’t mind doing that stuff, I think that’s been a part of being an actress in Hollywood since the beginning,” Fox tells toofab of her past roles. “I don’t feel ashamed or like I can’t be taken seriously while also wearing a tank top. If you don’t take me seriously when I’m wearing a tank top, that’s your f**king problem.”

“I was attracted to this because I was a fan as a kid and I really wanted to do this,” she says. “It was Valentine’s Day and I went in [to meet with director Jonathan Liebesman] and we were in there for five hours at Paramount for my first meeting. Brian [husband Brian Austin Green] is texting me like ‘It’s Valentine’s Day, where are you?’ and I got home and sent everyone an e-mail saying ‘You know what, it’s O.K. if you don’t cast me, I understand. I just want you to know that I’m going to be in the audience regardless.'”
From Liebesman

“Megan’s obviously incredibly sexy, [but] that to me is not what Megan is about,” he says. “When I met Megan and got to know her, what comes across to me is someone who is much smarter than people give her credit for and that there is literally more to her than meets the eye.”

“That’s what I wanted to put into April O’Neil,” he continued. “I wasn’t interested in sexualizing her. I wasn’t trying to service fans who look at Megan’s Maxim pictures, I was servicing fans who loved ‘Ninja Turtles.'”

Megan again
“Let me tell you something about those people,” she says. “How much money did ‘Transformers 4′ make? Exactly, those people can complain … but they’re gonna love it and if they don’t love it, they can f**k off.”





Tons of New TMNT BTS Footage + Megan Fox’s TV schedule

1 Aug


We got 2 new behind the scenes looks at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles today and a new Interview, check them out below they have a lot of new Megan Footage.

 Megan’s TV schedule

Reminder that Megan will be at the LA TMNT Premiere Aug 3rd

The Today Show Aug 5th **(this one is Unconfirmed)**

The View Aug 5th

Fallon on the 6th

Conan Aug 7th

Teen Choice Awards Aug 10th

Chelsea lately Aug 11th

On Set Interview

BTS Vid’s


What would April O’Neil ask Megan Fox? + more from Mexico

1 Aug


Very interesting question a reporter in Mexico asked Megan. Thanks to Andie and Stanton for the translation

What would be the boldest question April O’Neil would ask Megan Fox? Megan gave a look and it was in this instant that she gave me a honest question “The coolest thing she could ask me is what would I do in the future to not be underestimated as an actor”


Two other video interviews from Mexico



Megan Fox will be on Conan Aug 7th + TMNT Featurette

31 Jul

It was just announced today that Megan will be on Conan Aug 7th source

She will also be on Fallon on the 6th

No air date yet for her Chelsea lately episode

Plus there is an unconfirmed story that She will be on the Today show Tues

TMNT “Turtle Power” Featurette

Check release dates for your country here





Pics: Megan Fox holding a TMNT Toy + Sky View Magazine pics

31 Jul


I’ve added a few better quality pics from Megan’s Sky View Mexico shoot, as well as a new fanpic from last year and a new pic of Megan holding a Mikey toy



More Megan Fox in Mexico, video and text Interviews + Pics

31 Jul


Megan has headed back to LA but we are still getting more content from Mexico. Below are a series of Video’s, text interviews and pics from Mexico. All translations via Google translate

Megan talks about being a fan of JLaw + more

Interview with ActitudFEM

Video: Megan chats with Los40


more Megan Quotes

Small quotes from a series of Interviews here

Megan talks family and acting

see the interview here

Megan talks Fame, beauty, family

see the interview here

Interview on Mexican radio

A Mexican radio station just played their short interview with Megan. In it Megan spoke a bit about what its like to be so famous at a young age, she said having the worlds eyes on you, having people express their ideas of who you are before you know who you are is tough and thats why so many turn to escapism

She also said she doesn’t like fame and has never been really ambitious

Megan wanted to see the Pyramids but couldn’t

see the interview here



Pics Megan Fox talks to los40 in Mexico + more

30 Jul


Megan did a live chat with Los40 in Mexico a few hours ago. The video of this chat is not yet online but we do have a a few pics. Be sure to check back for the video. Further below I have added a short video interview from the Green Carpet


Megan thinks being called sexy is a compliment + Megan is overwhelmed by the energy of the crowd video here




Video: Megan Fox “I’m meant to be doing both”(motherhood and work)

30 Jul

An interesting interview was just released from Mexico via EL Universal TV. In this interview Megan talks about her personal need to do things for herself(work) along side motherhood and that it’s not just for the kids as she hinted in he past

Check out the interview here


Another short Interview

“The way(motherhood) changed my way of choosing projects is looking at more  superhero type movies, because I know that my children can see them and they will like them. I think that if I do period films or even westerns they won’t like them as much. But if your mom is April O’Neil (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character) I think it will be great for them, “Fox said in an interview.

“I know some people do not value me as an artist but do not respond emotionally to that. What does bother me is that people think I’m stupid when I’m not. “

Megan does not show too much skin in the film produced by Michael Bay, but accepted that had no problems, nor will now have the mother of two children, in a sensual scenes.

I do not think bowling makes you less sexy scenes, actors and we have to deal with that. There are many guys who do, Chris Hemsworth “Thor” T-shirt in movies is removed because the public wants to see, “said the actress





lots of Pics of Megan Fox in Mexico

30 Jul

1008547Earlier Megan attended the Premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Mexico City Mexico, those that have been following my Tumblr/Twitter will know there is a lot of content from the day. I’ve decided to split it up into 3 posts. This post contains Pictures of Megan on the green carpet as well as some other pics. Below are a selection of videos for more see my Tumblr. See video’s here, text interviews here



Some stills from an interview, see it here



Video: Megan Fox in Mexico

30 Jul

Earlier Megan attended the Premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Mexico City Mexico, those that have been following my Tumblr/Twitter will know there is a lot of content from the day. I’ve decided to split it up into 3 posts. This post contains video’s of Megan on the green carpet as well as some video Interviews. Below are a selection of videos for more see my Tumblr. lots of Pics here, Megan’s text interviews here

Videos are in order of Importance

Interview with Sopitas

Megan Interviewed on the Green Carpet(videos are similar)

Megan talks to the Press


Megan dances to the Cheers of the Crowd

On the Green Carpet (some repeated content)





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