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Tons of Pics and Portraits of Megan Fox at Comic Con

25 Jul


Megan was just at San Diego Comic Con and as you might imagine there is a lot of content and lots more to come. So I have decided to break it up into smaller posts. In this post I will post tons of Pics and Portraits from the day. If you want to see videos and interviews see my previous post here

Megan on stage


Posing for Photographers

At the X Box Lounge

At the Pizza Hut zone

Doing Interviews

thanks to getty for the pics


Happy 41st Birthday Brian Austin Green

15 Jul


Happy Birthday Brian! Hope this year is a great one for you.




Megan Fox wishes you a happy 4th of July

5 Jul


Megan just posted the above pic with the below Message on Instagram. Happy 4th of July Megan and to anyone form the US


Happy 4th of July from LA

Video of Megan Fox’s 2014 Cosmo Shoot (LQ)

3 Jul


Check out the video below of Megan’s Cosmo shoot, sorry about the quality. Below I’ve posted some excerpts from the interview as well as some links to more pics

Thanks to E for the video

On someone she finds sexy: “I think Ellen [DeGeneres] is sexy. Maybe it’s the way she gives off the impression that she’s anti-‘the business’ even though she’s engaging in it. And humor is always sexy.”
On reading Cosmo: “I remember I used to think it was a big deal, when I was like 15, 16, and I knew that Cosmo was something my mom probably didn’t want me to read, and so it was exciting to get a hold of it because you felt like you were getting a glimpse behind what it was to be a woman; they’re letting you in on womanly secrets.”

On women being in charge of their sexuality: “Women don’t have to be desperate and try so hard. Allow yourself to be strong and powerful and men will be crawling on their hands and knees.

More pics




More Megan Fox for Cosmo August 2014

29 Jun

Check out the pics thanks to for the top 4. In the bottom pic you can read some of the interview



2 Ninja Turtles stills plus Screen caps from Ellen

7 May

Check out the 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles stills, the above pic was just released the other was released a few days ago which I posted on Tumblr

. Further below are some captures from Ellen.


Ellen caps



Megan Fox the face of Avon Instinct Forbidden

17 Apr


Looks like Avon instinct sold pretty well and Megan will become the Face of the follow up fragrance called ‘Avon Instinct Forbidden’

Catalogs in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere have starting advertising it. So far they are just reusing the previous shoot I’m not sure if they will do a new shoot

Below is a Google translation from a Russian Avon site

Fragrance Avon Instinct, presented inimitable Megan Fox has become one of the top sellers of Avon perfume . Was a matter of time to launch a new version of the fragrance , which will win even more fans around the world. Forbidden Instinct – the long awaited sequel of flavor that will only fit a passionate woman. At this time, the perfume is dedicated to women , sexuality which perhaps is not so obvious – it is hidden deep inside , under the restrictions of society.


Megan Fox back on the Ninja Turtles set after giving birth

2 Apr


This is not an April fools day joke, Megan was spotted on the TMNT set April 1st presumably for reshoots. Will Arnett was also spotted on the set. They are shooting in LA not New York though

*Update* someone recorded a crappy quality video of Megan on set


thanks to and FameFlynet Pictures





Unseen/rare Megan Fox and BAG’s 2011 Disneyland date

13 Feb


I think these pics are in keeping with today’s(or tomorrow’s) theme, they are from 2011. One pic is of them riding ‘California Screamin’. Further below I added a story about the sexiest celebs in Advertising.

Megan Fox is advertising’s sexiest celebrity

“Actress Megan Fox is advertising’s sexiest celebrity according to new statistics released by video advertising and analytics experts Visible Measures. Megan’s role in the Armani campaign ‘Hotel Service’, in which she changes from underwear into a pair of jeans, has brought in over 18 million views worldwide. Fox trumps the likes of fellow celebrities Beyoncé for H&M (12.7million views), Jessica-Jane Clement for Lynx (12.7million views), David Beckham for H&M (12.4million views) and Lara Stone for Calvin Klein (10.9million views).”


It should be noted Megan’s video is older, so has had more time to get views, also this list is only for ‘sexy’ ads


New Megan Fox pic with a fan

13 Dec

Check out a new fanpic that was posted on instagram by the friend of the girl in the pic. Not sure when it was taken



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