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Lots More Megan Fox at the South Korean TMNT Premiere

26 Aug


Below I’ve added a bunch more pics and videos from the TMNT Premiere in South Korea, you can check my previous post here for even more. there are some Instagram video’s here

The movie opens on the 28th in South Korea, see release dates for your country here


Red Carpet video you can see Brian walking with Megan down the carpet

more from the red carpet and the interview

Megan meeting fans and fans talking about Megan


Megan Fox and BAG out & about in LA on the 19th

20 Aug


Check out the new pics of the family after having dinner on Aug 19th in LA


The Ninja Turtles and Megan Fox are coming to Korea

15 Aug

It was just announced that Megan will be visiting Korea for a Red Carpet premiere of  TMNT and a press conference on August 26 Source

Check out  this ‘Meet the Turtles’ feature below I’ve added interviews and more

US Interview

“It looked ridiculous, so we got a yellow jacket instead,” explains the 28-year-old, who also has son Noah, 23 months, with husband of four years Brian Austin Green, 41. “I was kind of relieved it got nixed.” The Rockwood, Tennessee, native talks turtles with Us.

Q: Were you into TMNT as a kid?

I was such a big fan of the movies and the cartoon. So I pursued this pretty hard.

Q: You didn’t just film postbaby; you filmed while pregnant. Any concerns?

There’s a lot of running, climbing and jumping, so I was constantly like, Oh, I hope I’m doing everything right because I’m growing a human being.

Q: Did you bring Noah to the set?

Yes. Any moment I had, I would run back to my trailer to feed, play and bond with him while I could.

Q: Do you think your kids will watch this someday?

That was a big motivation for doing it. At some point, when they’re in their twenties, they might look back and be like, “Whoa, my mom was April. That’s kind of rad!”

Deep Mexico Interview

see it here

‘Turtles’ No. 1, ‘Guardians’ No. 2

Deadline is saying TMNT will be #1 in the US again this weekend

TMNT took $4.3m on Thursday for a total of just under $118m(foreign numbers have not been updated)

Video Interview




Megan Fox: Interviews, Cover Pic + more

14 Aug
Check out the HQ Cosmo Mexico cove above, below is a TMNT box office update, some interviews and more
TMNT takes 5.1m on Wednesday

Total is now $113.6 foreign numbers still have not been updated

Megan talks TMNT and about her visit to Brazil

 Interview: Megan likes stage fighting

Megan’s shout out to Big Brothers Big Sisters

On Tour With Megan Fox

 Style director talks about Megan




Noah imitated Megan on the TMNT set + box office update

13 Aug

I’ve added some new magazine pics of Megan above and below along with a new interview and a TMNT box office update.

Noah imitated and made fun of his mother on set

They were worried he might cry watching Megan shoot scenes in which she had to scream instead he made fun of her

TMNT takes $7.5m on Tuesday

total is now $108m. Foreign numbers haven’t been updated

Megan blows kisses to Peru





Megan Fox please tell your fans when you won’t be at an event

11 Aug


Megan wasn’t at the Teen Choice awards, I’m sure nothing is wrong(like the previous times) but this is becoming a habit. I don’t understand why Megan or her team can’t announce they won’t be at an event?

Leave a message for Megan and her team on one of her social media accounts. Ask why they don’t tell fans she won’t be at an event after she is officially announced

See the official list of expected presenters here



Megan Fox: Meet the Actor ~20min Video interview

8 Aug

fox@cpix (5)

Check out Megan’s ~20min long video interview done at the Apple store earlier this week

Interview from Mexico

Interview at the Premiere

Charlamagne Interview

Megan is Addicted to Real Housewives: “They’re Like Drugs!”





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