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Megan Fox the face of Avon Instinct Forbidden

17 Apr


Looks like Avon instinct sold pretty well and Megan will become the Face of the follow up fragrance called ‘Avon Instinct Forbidden’

Catalogs in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere have starting advertising it. So far they are just reusing the previous shoot I’m not sure if they will do a new shoot

Below is a Google translation from a Russian Avon site

Fragrance Avon Instinct, presented inimitable Megan Fox has become one of the top sellers of Avon perfume . Was a matter of time to launch a new version of the fragrance , which will win even more fans around the world. Forbidden Instinct – the long awaited sequel of flavor that will only fit a passionate woman. At this time, the perfume is dedicated to women , sexuality which perhaps is not so obvious – it is hidden deep inside , under the restrictions of society.


Megan Fox back on the Ninja Turtles set after giving birth

2 Apr


This is not an April fools day joke, Megan was spotted on the TMNT set April 1st presumably for reshoots. Will Arnett was also spotted on the set. They are shooting in LA not New York though

*Update* someone recorded a crappy quality video of Megan on set


thanks to and FameFlynet Pictures





Unseen/rare Megan Fox and BAG’s 2011 Disneyland date

13 Feb


I think these pics are in keeping with today’s(or tomorrow’s) theme, they are from 2011. One pic is of them riding ‘California Screamin’. Further below I added a story about the sexiest celebs in Advertising.

Megan Fox is advertising’s sexiest celebrity

“Actress Megan Fox is advertising’s sexiest celebrity according to new statistics released by video advertising and analytics experts Visible Measures. Megan’s role in the Armani campaign ‘Hotel Service’, in which she changes from underwear into a pair of jeans, has brought in over 18 million views worldwide. Fox trumps the likes of fellow celebrities Beyoncé for H&M (12.7million views), Jessica-Jane Clement for Lynx (12.7million views), David Beckham for H&M (12.4million views) and Lara Stone for Calvin Klein (10.9million views).”


It should be noted Megan’s video is older, so has had more time to get views, also this list is only for ‘sexy’ ads


New Megan Fox pic with a fan

13 Dec

Check out a new fanpic that was posted on instagram by the friend of the girl in the pic. Not sure when it was taken


Pics: Megan Fox and BAG out shopping Dec 6th

7 Dec

Exclusive... Pregnant Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Shopping At Planet Beauty

Check out the pics of Megan and Brian shopping at Planet Beauty in LA on Dec 6th

thanks to and Fame/Flynet

*Update* added more

*update 2* added some HQ

Thanks to zimbo and Fame/Flynet




*New* Portraits of a Pregnant Megan Fox promoting Avon Instinct

4 Dec

Check out the new portraits/pics of Megan promoting Avon Instinct, the pics were done on the 22nd of last month when Megan was in New York helping Avon launch their #SeeTheSigns campaign.





First Pic of Megan Fox carrying Noah and more Avon Stuff

28 Nov

check out the first pic of Megan carrying Noah taken by the Papz in New York in September(estimated date) Some people think it’s not them what do you think?

Below I have added some Screen caps from Megan’s E! interview as well as a few HQ pics from the events




Megan Fox talks about Noah becoming a big brother

26 Nov


An interview done by People magazine

Megan and Brian talk mainly about preparing Noah for the arrival of a baby

Megan explains her pregnancy has heightened her sense of smell

“I can smell everything! I usually can smell foul scents, I pick them up from far away,”“[Brian’s] constantly saying, ‘I don’t smell that, you are crazy, that’s not in the house,’ and I’m saying, ‘I promise you, it is somewhere.’”

On Noah becoming a big brother

“We are trying to explain it to him and I always say, ‘The baby is going to say, “Wah, wah, wah,”‘ because he is not communicating yet [so] I’m not sure how much he understands,” Fox, 27, explains. “I know as far as everything else goes, he’s really aware. So I think he has an idea, but I don’t think he understands that a baby will be living with us all of the time — that will be an adjustment.”

He loves to be the center of attention and I also think he is a really sensitive child,”

“I think that he’s going to be a nurturer. It’s a lot to expect, but he’s only 14 months now. I think he’s going to be an amazing big brother with time.”

Brian says “He is either going to be great or … he’s going to be completely against it and it will be a battle.”




Megan Fox E! News interview teaser says 2nd pregnancy is easier

25 Nov

Megan will be on E! News tonight(check your local guides). As a teaser E! have released a small portion of the interview done at the Avon #seethesigns launch, you can see a video by clicking the link below.

asked about her second pregnancy Megan said

“For the most part, I would say it’s been a lot easier,” the 27-year-old Fox said. “I think that could have a lot to do with the fact that I already have a baby, so I’m so distracted taking care of him, that I don’t really have time to sit and lament on the fact that I’m pregnant or indulge my pregnancy.”

video here




Megan Fox’s cosmo interview plus more pics from the Avon Event

25 Nov


Megan did a short interview with Cosmo while at the Avon event. Check it out below, further below I have added more pics from the Avon Event

Thanks to

Cosmo: What’s sexy to you?

MF: I love when my hair is in loose beachy waves, I think that’s sexy. But what’s sexiest to me is whenever you’re feeling confident and you exude that.

Cosmo: As one of the sexiest women alive, do you see yourself as sexy?

MF: Privately I see myself as sexy, but I don’t know what I do out in public that’s so sexy. [Laughs.]

Cosmo: Has your idea of sexy changed since you’ve become a mom, and now again that you’re pregnant?

MF: Yes. I actually got much more comfortable being curvy. I didn’t lose all of my baby weight on purpose because I enjoyed having thighs and a booty — I think Brian enjoys that as well. [Laughs.]

Cosmo: Do you watch Brian on 90210 on Soapnet?

MF: We don’t do that in our house — watch the work we do. I’m horrified of watching myself. But I do sneak episodes of 90210 while Brian is at work. I’ll text him and say, “How could you cheat on Donna?! She loved you so much and saved herself for you!!”

Cosmo: You’re the new face of Avon’s Instinct for Women, which is coming out in February 2014. What’s your favorite thing about the scent?

Megan Fox: I personally like that it smells like sandalwood, yet it’s still light and fresh. It’s perfect for day and night, because it’s not too-overpowering or too-musky.

Cosmo: Where is your favorite place to spray fragrance?

MF: I always put it on my neck and my collarbone, I’m not sure why, I just do. And I do a general dusting on my clothing, too — I spray and walk through it.

Cosmo: I know the scent has a male counterpart as well. Does your husband Brian [Austin Green] wear the men’s version?

MF:  No, he’s not really a cologne guy, he’s more of a take a shower/deodorant kind of guy.

Cosmo: So does he like when you wear fragrance?

MF: Brian likes fragrance on me, but he isn’t picky — he just loves me with whatever I’ve got going on.

Cosmo: Now your fragrance comes out in February of 2014, what are your feelings on Valentine’s Day?

MF: I think it’s an unfair and difficult holiday to sit through, especially if you don’t have someone at the time.

Cosmo: Talking about beauty, has your beauty routine changed since becoming a mom?

MF: I don’t have the same amount of time that I had before to do selfish things for myself, and with that I’ve limited the amount of products I use. I used to have six-step beauty routine and now I only use a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen.

Cosmo: What cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen do you use?

MF: I use CeraVe cleanser and moisturizer, and I always use my dermatologist Dr. Lancer’s sunscreen.

Cosmo: What’s the one beauty product you can’t live without?

MF: I have to have Aquaphor. My lips are so dry, so I have to have it with me all of the time — it’s so hydrating.


More Megan and Brian at Avon

the agencies confirmed the pics are from 2 different days, the ones with the bare shoulders is the 21st when they had the reception and the others the 22nd both took place in NY. I’ve added 1 new pic of Megan and a few larger versions of previous pics





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