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Two New TMNTMovie Trailers + Megan will be on Conan O’Brien

22 Jul


Megan was seen at a recording of Conan Yesterday, not sure when the episode airs be sure to check back for that. Today two new TMNTmovie trailers were released they have new footage check them out below.







Megan Fox talks being star struck plus more Pics from the Kids choice awards

18 Jul

Megan made a few posts on her social Media accounts, check those out below also further below I have added more pics from Yesterdays event. The above pic was posted by her hairdresser. If you are in the US you can watch the whole award show here

Or you can see a video of Megan presenting here


Megan posted on Facebook saying

Kids Choice Sports Awards yesterday

I never get star struck but I got to present with Russell Westbrook and he’s so gorgeous in person I just giggled like an idiot the entire time.
Also congratulations Gabrielle Douglas on your award!

and on Instagram

Kids choice sports awards red carpet. Makeup by @monikablundermakeup

Red carpet glam. Hair by @renatocampora

At the kids choice sports awards. Styling by @rachelzoestudio

HD vid on the carpet, Presenting and Backstage


HD video of Megan on the Carpet




More Megan Fox at the Kids Choice Sports Awards

18 Jul


I’ve added lots of pics below and a few videos of Megan at the 2014 Kids Choice Sports awards. They are broken up into the categories “On the Orange Carpet”, “Presenting”, “Backstage” and “Ultra HQ”

On The Orange Carpet

First video is an interview the second is posing for photos


Low Quality video of Megan on stage


Ultra HQ

Thanks to Getty Images and Zimbio for the pic




First Look: Megan Fox at the Kids Choice Sports Awards

18 Jul


Check out the First look of Megan at the Kids Choice Sports Awards, keep checking back for more

Low Quality video of Megan presenting

LQ video of Megan on the Orange Carpet






Another TMNT TV spot + Kids Choice awards today

17 Jul


Another TMNT spot was just put online check it out below, also a reminder that the Kids Choice sport awards are on Today, Megan is expected. Check back for coverage. Further below is an interesting ‘quote’


not sure what to make of this

This article quotes Megan talking about her Twitter but the article also says Megan returned to twitter which she hasn’t? so take this quote with a grain of salt

“I’m known for being passionate about some things so there is a chance I could write some angry diatribe in the middle of the night. I don’t trust myself so my agent has the password and before I post something I have to ask myself ‘Is this appropriate and acceptable?’ and when everyone is thumbs-up, we then post it.”

New TMNT Clip with Megan Fox and Whoopi Goldberg

17 Jul


A new TMNT Clip with Megan and Whoopi Goldberg was shown earlier today on the Jimmy Fallon show, check it out below


If the above doesn’t work try skip to the last 50s






New TMNT TV Spot “Ninja Mutant Turtle Teenagers”

17 Jul


Check out the new TV spot below it has new footage of Megan and the Turtles. Further Below I have added a better quality version of the scavenger hunt video I posted a while back



Megan Fox talks to MTV about possible fan reactions

16 Jul


She spoke about how people might feel about the movie and herself as April, she mentions avoiding reading about herself as well as people approaching her in person.

“I’ve never had more people come up to me to tell me they’re excited about a movie than this one,” she said. “Nothing I’ve been a part of before has had that sort of reaction.”

see the video here

Check out this new TMNT poster




New Details about April O’Neil and the TMNT movie

16 Jul

Some entertainment sites got an early look at some additional TMNT movie scenes. They have provided us with some new details including more about Megan’s character The articles seem very positive which is a good thing although sometimes that’s not totally reliable

“It’s 2014, it’s New York City, there’s a lot of crime in the city and Shredder, the leader of the Foot Clan, they are responsible for all the crime.  The movie opens, Megan Fox who plays April O’Neil, she is investigating a crime that has happened at the docks at the Brooklyn Navy Yards, and you think she’s this, you know, journalist and then you see the trail who is her cameraman and he yells at her and says, ‘April, we’ve gotta go.  We’ve gotta get to work!’  And then you cut and you realize that April O’Neil is a lifestyle reporter who wants to be a journalist.”

“She is covering a gala that we shot – you guys are all from New York so we can say our locations, at Cipriani’s – and Eric Sachs who’s played by William Fichtner is giving this big speech, and Eric Sachs and April O’Neil’s father worked together 15 years ago.”

“This is the scene right after the speech Eric Sachs has given that really inspires April to really try and work harder at her reporting because she just doesn’t want to do the lifestyle stuff.  She really wants to be a journalist.”

check out their full descriptions here

More descriptions here

MTV also got a look at the footage that will be Shown at comic con



Happy 41st Birthday Brian Austin Green

15 Jul


Happy Birthday Brian! Hope this year is a great one for you.





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