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Megan Fox and BAG out and about in LA over the weekend

15 Dec

Exclusive... Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Out For Lunch In Sherman Oaks


Check out the pics of Megan and Brian out and about in LA over the weekend(Sunday I think) I’ve also added 2 recent fanpics one of them is from the same day as the candids




Megan Fox’s Charity Auction ending soon

11 Dec


Megan and other celebs are supporting a charity Auction benefiting the Children’s hospital in LA, you can buy a signed ornament with all proceeds benefiting the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Megan’s Charity Auction has just over 1 day left. I am not associated with the auctions See Megan’s Facebook for more info

Links to the two ornaments Megan signed

Other celebs are supporting the cause see all the Auctions with this link




TMNT out now on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download in Australia

9 Dec


TMNT is out on Blu-ray, DvD and Digital download in Australia today, be sure to check the release date for your country and grab a copy.


  • Digital Reality
  • In Your Face! The Turtles in 3D
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Green
  • Evolutionary Mash-Up
  • Turtle Rock
  • Extended Ending
  • “Shell Shocked” Music Video
  • Making of “Shell Shocked”


  • Digital Reality
  • It Ain’t Easy Being Green
  • Evolutionary Mash-Up



Confirmed: Megan Fox is playing April in TMNT 2

9 Dec


A few days ago I made a post on Tumblr inwhich I mentioned that Bepop and Rocksteady had been confirmed for the second TMNT movie. After I made that post the article was updated to mention that Megan and Will would be returning to the franchise. There is also talk of David Green directing the second movie. Although we were expecting as much it is nice to have confirmation

Fuller and Form subsequently revealed that Megan Fox, Will Arnett, and the character of Shredder are poised to return for the sequel as well.


Inside the Night Of Generosity with Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

9 Dec


Over $550,000 dollars was raised during the ‘Night of Generosity’ which will fund the creation of 85 wells and provide clean water to 42,500 people.

Megan and Brian funded 5 wells on the night and were presented with an award for their actions and contributions in support of

Apparently Megan was feeling sick on the night but made sure to attend.

If you would like more info about or to make a donation please visit





Brian Austin Green talks about the Crash + more

6 Dec

It actually sounds worse than what the media reports made out. Thankfully everyone was ok, I hope this drunk driver learns not to drink and drive, further below is a mush more lighthearted video interview from the Night of Generosity Brian talks about Sharks, the Holidays, family and more

US magazine

“It could have ended horribly. We were talking about it today, on the way to run errands. I was saying, ‘We’re really lucky,” Green, 41, told Us at the 6th Annual Night of Generosity Gala in Beverly Hills on Friday, Dec. 5. “He was going 50 miles an hour, and we were going 25 down the street, and we hit head?on. The inertia of that is is life changing. That’s life changing for us.”

The couple’s two sons Noah, 2, and Bodhi, 9 months, were luckily not in the car at the time. Still, Green and 28-year-old Fox (who was in the passenger seat) were shaken up by the incident. “[The driver] hit the air bag. I got out of the car. I shook hands with the man,” Green explained. “The cars did their jobs.”

“That being said, he came around the corner very fast,” the actor continued. “Let alone, I’ve heard, he had a few drinks.” As previously reported, Green called the cops at the scene and the drunk driver was then taken into custody.

People magazine

“I’m okay. My wife is okay. We walked away,” “I mean, I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know if I’m ‘okay’ okay, but we’re both walking.”
And as for the other driver? “He lived. He hit the airbag, got out of the car,” he said.
Green said that although no one was hurt, the incident was life-changing. “Your head is reliving the moment over and over again, and you start thinking, ‘Could I have done anything differently?’ ” he explained.

The onetime Beverly Hills, 90210 actor also recalled a series of thankful moments post-crash. “A moment of gratitude. A moment of giving back. A moment of ‘Thank you, God.’ And then a moment of, ‘I’m going to have more of these moments.’




Megan Fox and BAG uninjured in car crash

5 Dec

Megan and were Brian uninjured after a drunk driver crashed into them Thursday night, thankfully the kids were not with them at the time. The Drunk driver was also uninjured. Megan and Brian are expected at the Night of Generosity charity event today(the event starts 7.30 LA time) even though they were uninjured I wonder if they will be able to attend.

Enews is saying Megan’s rep commented and said “They’re both fine.”

from TMZ

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had a rough Thursday night, when they were sideswiped near Mulholland Drive by a drunk driver.

We’re told Brian was driving a Range Rover at 9:30 PM when a Mini Cooper going in the opposite direction crossed over the yellow line and somewhat violently sideswiped them … enough to blow a tire. The Mini Cooper spun around and eventually stopped.

Brian called the cops, they came and arrested the Mini driver. Our law enforcement sources say the 35-year-old guy was twice the legal limit.

Megan and Brian were not hurt.


more info




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