Dolphin documentary starring Megan Fox James Franco Kate Winslet + more

30 Oct

IMDB recently updated their site and I just found out that Na Nai’a Legend of the Dolphins was renamed to NAYA: Legend of the Golden Dolphin. IMDB says the documentary comes out in January another site says Dec

I will update with more info when it becomes available

short clip




Megan Fox misses Great wall visit + interviews from China

30 Oct



It looks like Megan didn’t make her scheduled visit to the great wall of China, it was scheduled for Monday Chinese time and still no pics or anything. Megan also did not do any other promo on Monday

For those that don’t know Megan suffered an allergic(reportedly skin allergy) reaction in China and had to pull out of the Chinese TMNT premiere and it seems she wasn’t well enough to visit the great wall on Monday

Get well soon Megan

2 more video interviews from China

Megan talks a bit about Zeroville for the first time at 5.20 she doesn’t reveal much though

She also says she thinks Bay ranks her as one of his top 5 favourite people

and she says she would like to voice a kids movie + more

Megan talks TMNT in China


Pics of Megan Fox being interviewed in China

26 Oct



Check out the pics of Megan and William Fichtner promoting TMNT in China

here is a video of one of the interviews




Megan Fox suffers “severe allergic reaction” in China

26 Oct




Get well soon Megan

While I’m sure its nothing super serious it was announced at a TMNT promo event Megan was scheduled to attend.

That said I’m also sure it’s not something insignificant as we all know how much of a trooper Megan is. I’m not sure if Megan will attend any other promo events in China.

here is the video announcing it




Megan Fox in China Promoting TMNT

26 Oct


Check out the pics of Megan arriving in China with her sister and the first pics of her promoting TMNT, check back for updates


Megan arriving in China



People’s Choice awards Vote for Megan + TMNT

24 Oct



Nominee voting is open for the people’s choice awards 2015, Megan and TMNT are nominated. Megan and TMNT are nominated in 3 categories, to vote click the links below then click on either Megan Fox or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles then click “Cast Votes” in the bottom right corner. Below I have added some more pics from ZeroVille

Vote for Megan as your Favorite Action Movie Actress!/home/all/16/1

Vote for TMNT as your Favorite Movie!/home/all/10/1

Vote for TMNT as your Favorite Action Movie!/home/all/14/1


Pics from ZeroVille


tumblr_ndxsc6f6HV1rsah24o1_1280 tumblr_ndx14stCxY1rsah24o1_1280



Megan Fox on Set with James Franco and Will Ferrell

22 Oct


check out the pics of Megan on the Set yesterday Oct 21st in LA, reporters are saying this is for the James Franco directed movie ZeroVille Will Ferrell was also on set.

It appears confirmed that Megan was on the set of Zeroville other people were Instagraming pics from the set yesterday and referring to it as the Zeroville set

Megan might be playing a character named Soledad Paladin,She becomes the love interest of the main character Vikar(Played by Franco). Still not sure how big a role it is.

She might be playing another character though

pics via Dailymail and Wenn



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