Megan Fox will be a guest on The Tonight Show August 6th

30 Jul

It was just announced today that Megan will be a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon August 6th




Pics: Megan Fox walks the Green Carpet in Mexico for TMNT

30 Jul


BtwR1cSCcAIFnA2.jpg largeHola, Mexico!, I love you, thank you very much,”

“I am very grateful for the affection of my fans, This reception makes me happy.”

The first pics are in of Megan walking the Green carpet in Mexico for the premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Keep checking back here for more coverage or follow my Tumblr/Twitter for even faster updates. Check release dates for your Country here

Decent Quality video of the green carpet

Some short interviews

Prior to the stellar presentation, the U.S. actress told Notimex which is one of the units of which she is very proud of his career, “It is a very exciting movie, with humor but also with many visual effects.”

“This is a very funny movie that will continue long after seeing the children and teenagers will not just once, so I think that there is an opportunity to be very successful,” he said.

 Megan talks Instagram and Twitter

Instagram is less interactive than Twitter. Twitter surpassed me because it implies a need to publish almost daily. Dynamics in these I’m more introverted than extroverted. Do not want to share so many things,” said the actress.“In Instagram I have not interact with negative people.




Megan Fox: Barbara Mori could be my sister

29 Jul


Another interview from Mexico was just released check it out below Via Google translate. Above is a side by side of the two

MEXICO - Megan Fox has heard the comparisons made ​​between her and the Uruguayan actress Barbara Mori for his great physical resemblance.

Although not familiar with the race Mori, after seeing a picture of his Uruguayan counterpart said they could even be sisters.

Who is she? Your name,” asked Fox to see one of the many comparative images of both there on the internet.

Upon hearing the name of the Uruguayan, reacted: Oh, I heard that before I think she could be my sister,” Fox said during an interview with The Associated Press in Mexico City, where he was promoting the film “Las Tortugas Ninja “starring.

Fox, ranked as one of the hottest actresses, said he wished to have a Latin flair in its beauty.

“I do not have Latin thing at all. Believe I have very fair skin, but I love to have a Latin beauty.”

The American star hinted his desire to give a Hispanic accent to your career and make movies in Latin America. Although warned that prefers to stay out of the Spanish language, which tries to learn a computer program.

“I bought Rosetta Stone and tried to learn, although I would never be good enough to try it in a movie,” the actress laughs. But who knows. If you want to try it I will.”

The star of films like “Jennifer’s Body” and “Jonah Hex” was blunt in saying never to Start a soap opera because they have too much drama

“They know what a soap opera, but I’ve never seen one. All I know is that when I see the listings in Los Angeles, someone always goes bare with others by sleeping with others. Always equals are too dramatic for me, “Fox said,” I probably keep making action movies because I love. “

In Ninja Turtles,” which opens on Aug. 7 in Mexico, the actress brings to life the reporter April O’Neil, who when looking for a good note discovers the existence of turtles and is involved in a battle to defend New York city.

Directed by Jonathan Liebesman, the film is the first live action film based on the popular characters created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird for a comic and then became popular in various animated films and series.

Read more here: # storylink = cpy



Pics: Megan Fox is in Mexico

29 Jul

Megan is in Mexico to promote the TMNTMovie, she arrived yesterday and will be staying until Wednesday, you can see a pic of that below. Above is a pic of her doing an interview. Also below is an interview that was just released. It was translated via Google Translate


Asked if her beauty hindered her Career
I would not say that hinders rather think that what I do as an actress means I’m always open to criticism not one to say that the opinion of the people is wrong, it is not something objective,. You have the right to judge my performance as you want. so I’m not sad if someone thinks I did wrong, or if you think I did wrong.

It can not be that everyone thinks the same, it would be very strange to know that everyone thought that what I did was amazing. There are only Daniel Day Lewis is one of the only ones.‘s That there are few people who receive unanimous approval when making a action, so that’s not something that hurt me. “

“This is the kind of movie I like to see. Always just down action movies. And I think Planet of the Apesis amazing and get very excited when I go to the cinema to see Batman or Spiderman when they leave.’s Why joy therefore be part of them, because I’m a fan. “


More Megan Fox Comic Con Portraits and Interviews

27 Jul

Megan Fox 05Firstly Paramount Mexico has again removed their Facebook post about the TMNT premiere in Mexico. Not sure why but the event is still happening, Megan will be there. See my post here


Paramount Mexico just tweeted

This Tuesday not miss detail visit @ MeganFox to Mexico City with the hashtag # GreenCarpet
and they posted it on Facebook again

In other news we have a few more interviews from comic con below and further below more HQ portraits

ScreenCrush Interview

Megan talks about the look of the Turtles + more

More from Comic Con

at 50s and 1.20

Megan Fox and the return of “Ninja Turtles”

Text interview done in Spanish see the translation here original here





Megan Fox will walk the Green Carpet in Mexico July 29th

27 Jul


Megan will be in Mexico July 29th for the TMNT Green carpet

Follow all the details of Megan Fox‘s visit to Mexico City next Tuesday 29th at 19 hrs. for the premiere of Ninja Turtles with the hashtag # GreenCarpet


Paramount Mexico removed the post again

I Dunno why but they removed their corrected post from the Official Mexican page

The event is still happening, Megan will be there. They were giving tickets away




Megan Fox covers Sky View magazine Mexico

26 Jul


Check out the pics available so far, I will update when more are released.




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